10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Dachshunds

When I first got a Dachshund, I knew nothing about them.

Today, some people would call me a “fanatic”.

Photo Credit: Depositphotos/db_rus

Between doing research for my blog, and via my friends in the Dachshund club that I run, I have probably learned most of what there is to know about wiener dogs.

I thought I’d share a few fun facts and things that surprise most people when I tell them.

1) Dachshunds Are Hunting Dogs

When most people think of hunting dogs, big dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Shorthaired Pointers, and Coonhounds come to mind. There are several smaller dogs that were bred for hunting too though.

According to Wikipedia, “The standard size Dachshund was developed to scent, chase, and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, while the miniature Dachshund was bred to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits. In the United States, they have also been used to track wounded deer and hunt prairie dogs.”

The name “Dachshund” literally means “badger dog,” from Dachs (“badger”) and Hund (“hound, dog”) in Germany, where they originated. If you want to be proper, the name should be pronounced with a German accent – DAKS-huunt (or hoont).

Because they were bred for hunting, they have a very strong prey drive. Fast moving, and furry, objects will almost always get their attention and don’t be surprised if they make a scene.

2) There Are Over 500 Dachshund “Flavors”

In the US, Dachshunds come in 2 official sizes – miniature Dachshunds and standard Dachshunds.

Miniatures are defined a dog that is 11 lbs or under at 1 year of age. Standard Dachshunds are 16 lbs and over (the max usually being around 40 lbs.)

There are Dachshunds that don’t fall neatly into those size categories though.

For example, of course, there are Dachshunds that weigh between 12 and 15 lbs. Some breed registries consider anything 12 lbs and over to be a standard. The average Dachshund owner usually refers dogs in this middle range as “tweenies”.

Anything 11 lbs and under is a miniature so don’t be fooled buy people claiming they raise “toy” or “teacup” Dachshunds. There is no such thing.

There are 3 coat types: smooth (short haired), long haired, and wire haired.

There are approximately 15 different color combinations: black & cream, black & tan, blue & cream, blue & tan, chocolate & cream, chocolate & tan, cream, fawn (also called Isabella) & cream, fawn & tan, red, wheaten, wild boar, black, chocolate, and fawn.

There are at least 6 marking combinations: brindle, dapple, sable, brindle piebald, dapple piebald, and piebald.

Doing the math reveals that there are 540 color/coat/pattern possibilities.

Photo Credit: Depositphotos/Brusnikaphoto

Of course, genetics control what is possible so there might be less than that in reality. Still, it’s crazy how many different Dachshund “flavors” there are.

3) The Dachshund Has Over 10 Different Names

The official, breed specific, names for these long and narrow dogs are Dachshund (Us and Germany), Teckel (Germany) and Dackel (Germany).

Here in the US, there are over 15 different names people call Dachshunds derived from shortening the name, misspellings of the name, and “cute” name references.

These include wIEner dog, wEIner dog, sausage dog, weenie, Doxie, weens, and many more Dachshund nicknames.

4) Dachshunds Are Athletes, Not Lapdogs

People often assume that small dogs don’t need much exercise. Or, in fact, they aren’t capable of much exercise.

When it comes to Dachshunds, that would be an incorrect assumption.

A dog’s athleticism is a product of both nature and nurture.

As I said above, Dachshund are hunting dogs. They were bred to have energy and stamina. They are capable of more exercise than people think they are.

However, if you life a sedentary life and don’t take them out much, they probably won’t be fit and may get used to lazing around.

If you are active though, and slowly increase activity to build their fitness (just like people should), they will probably shock you with what they can do (like how far a Dachshund can hike).

Both of the Dachshunds I’ve owned were great hikers and could go at least 10 miles on steep, rough terrain before even staring to get tired.

Many people compete in agility with their Dachshunds, and although certainly not typical of Dachshunds, TruMan the Doxie ran a whole marathon (over 26 miles!) with his ultrarunner Mom.

5) The First Olympic Mascot Was a Dachshund

The first official mascot in the history of the Olympic Summer Games – the 1972 Munich Olympic Games – was Waldi the Dachshund (Olympic.org)

Waldi the Dachshund, the first official mascot in the history of the Olympic Summer Games
Image Credit: Olympic.org

The course of the marathon was designed to incorporate the Waldi design, and during the construction phase of the 1972 Olympic stadium and village, Waldi was used in unofficial satirical posters. (source)

6) Dachshunds Live a Long Time

You may be surprised that Dachshunds have a long life expectancy.

Dachshunds live to be 15-16 years old on average. However, not all make it that long and some live longer.

Based on my observations, and experience through my Dachshund club members, it seems that there are 3 main “age” categories for Dachshunds – those that only make it to 11 or 12, those that live to be 15 or 16, and those that live to be 18 or older.

There is some debate about the oldest age of a Dachshund, but the oldest Dachshund in the world might be Rocky, who lived to be at least 25.

7) Dachshunds Are Prone to Back Issues

The Dachshund breed is prone to a hereditary disease called Intervertebral Disk Disease, or IVDD, which can cause disks in a dog’s neck or back to rupture.

Less frequently, a Dachshund can have back problems from acute injury, like being hit by a car, or degeneration from old age.

One in four (1:4) Dachshunds will have back issues between the ages of 4 and 7 because they have IVDD.

Dachshund in a L'il Back Bracer back brace to stabilize his spine and reduce pain
Chester in the L’il Back Bracer Dachshund back support.

If a Dachshund’s spinal disks crack or bulge, the result can be anything ranging from severe pain to paralysis.

Treatment can range from medication and 6-10 weeks of strict crate rest to surgery followed by crate rest.

Complimentary treatments like acupuncture, cold laser therapy, hydrotherapy, body conditioning exercises for dogs, and supplements can help in the recovery process and prevent future flare-ups.

Unfortunately, owning a Dachshund is kind of like roulette in regard to back issues. No reliable test exists to check for the genes that cause it.

The best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about the signs and symptoms of IVDD-related back pain in Dachshunds so you can catch it early if it happens to your dog. Fast and early treatment for IVVD is crucial.

If you have your eye on a particular Dachshund puppy from a breeder, be sure to ask about the parents – how many generations back does the breeder know about and were there any incidences of back issues (hint: there shouldn’t be).

Looking back at family history is no grantee your dog will be free from IVDD, or back issues, but it can help give you a good idea of how likely it is to happen.

8) Dachshunds Have a Big Dog Bark

Like people, dogs can have different “voices”. However, most Dachshunds have a bigger bark than you would expect to come from a small dog.

I can attest that at least one pizza delivery person thought there was Rottweiler inside my house when they knocked on our door.

Since they also like to hear themselves bark, this can cause problems in apartments, condos, and other close living quarters.

In fact, trying to teach a Dachshund to stop barking is one of an owners “favorite pastimes”.

9) Dachshunds Will Steal Your Heart

Most Dachshund owners will claim that they are like potato chips – you can’t have just one – and many people who claim to not like Dachshunds change their mind after spending some quality time with one.

Dachshunds will steal your heart

Their spunky little spirits, clownish antics, and silly looks will definitely steal your heart.

They are also very loyal dogs and often follow you around the house (including into the bathroom) to keep an eye on you.

Many people have two at the same time and the “once a dachshund owner, always a dachshund owner” mentality leads people to get several over their lifetime.

10) The Hot Dog Was Named After the Dachshund

Well, this one might not be a 100% proven fact but it’s a fun thought.

Some historians believe hot dogs were first known as Dachshund sausages, after the long round dogs, which were favorite companions of German butchers.

Some suggest that the name was changed to “Wiener” dog after one cartoonist had trouble spelling “Dachshund” and shortened it.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to find this comic so the truthfulness of this theory is seriously doubted.

If you own a Dachshund, or are thinking of getting one, I hope you learned something you didn’t know about them. Do you have any other fun facts to share?

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A few fun and surprising facts about Wiener Dogs #Dachshunds

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’ve been studying the Dachshund breed since 2007, owned 3 of my own, and shared in the lives of thousands of others through their owner’s stories. When I’m not sharing what I know on this blog, you can find me hiking, camping, and traveling with my adventurous wiener dogs.


  1. Dachshunds are also stubborn, but so cute and sweet you can’t get mad at them. I love my Dixie, first doxie I’ve ever had.

      1. Holy henna they love to bark! That made me lol. I inherited 3 doxies when we blended our families, I brought 3 kiddos and he had 3 dogs. Prior to that I was a solid cat person but they do steal your heart! I seriously thought they were barking because they were anxious but it makes so much more sense that they like it! Even our old doggo barks and he can’t hear himself! we sadly lost our apple Slinky but our 2 black and tans (and father/daughter) Duff(who is now know as hoho thanks to our toddler and Sky are going strong at 16 and 13. We had a scare with duff declining but added a kitten to our family and he’s like a pup again! They are bff and our cat thinks he is a doxie too.

        1. Hi Everyone!
          I am currently researching Wirehaired Dachshunds and miniature Schnauzers. I hope to purchase a home and have a fur baby no later than 2020. I am older, but returned to college so that has delayed my moving forward to purchase a home and dog. Does anyone know if the Wirehaired dachshunds bark less and are they hypoallergenic?
          Many Thanks

          1. Hi Cheri. Each Dachshund is different and may bark more or less, although the breed as a whole is generally known for barking more than others. A wire hair does not necessarily bark more or less than any other Dachshund. As far as I know, they are not hypoallergenic. I’ve never personally owned one though and I’ve only met a few through the Dachshund club I run. I’ve heard they can shed less than the smooth or long hair, which can make them more allergy friendly.

              1. Hi Tammy. That is common. Long haired Dahchsunds are generally known to be sweeter and more reserved than their smooth or wire counterparts.

          2. I have a”wire hair” out of my (4) little crew. I have (1) short hair….she barks at everything even a hiccup. (2) are long hair and bark along with her. (1) but Peanut he knows he’s my sweet boy…he is my wirehair and he does not random bark much at all. If he barks count on the doorbell ringing soon or if he can see out he will see a squirrel he feels like he must chase. My scruffy, wirey, Peanut just melts my heart and he is my oldest. He is 8yrs. We’re a house load of love. You are hooked once you bring one in your world…..❤

            1. Thanks for sharing about your babies Tina. I find it how interesting how the personality of each dog, and Dachshunds with different coats, varies.

              1. I’m looking for a l/h red girl. Above 5 y/o
                I had a red l/h boy who was unbearably aggressive. I tried a psychiatrist, but no improvement
                I had to have him put down when he detached my r. Thumb from my hand.

                1. I’m sorry for your bad experience with your last dog. It sounds like you tried to get help for the situation. If you are in the US, I suggest searching on Petfinder.com for a rescue dog and/or searching for purebred rescues in your area.

                2. I have my little red , long hair female dachsund , only 9 weeks old , her name is Roxie, she’s my beautiful , smart baby dachsund , we love her..

              2. I have a short hair red standard. She is 11 yrs old. She is stubborn an yes loves to be nosey. I found out she has custions disease. Last year. I forget out about 2 weeks ago she has lymphoma Cancer. It’s about to kill me she not a dog. I call her a little person. Her name is Sissy Von Jade King. Plz if you have any advice about the cancer plz let me know

                1. Hi Lisa. I’m very sorry to hear about Sissy. I have very, very little experience with cancer. I do know that, depending on what kind of lymphoma it is, there is a chance that the treatment prognosis is good with chemotherapy and medication. Did your vet say what your treatment options are and how likely it is that the treatment would save her life>

                  I totally understand that she is your “littler person”. I know I treat my dog like I would a child and I get very, very concerned if she even has the sniffles. Good luck to you guys.

            2. Everyone I’ve known was barkers and yes stolen my heart 4 weeks old he was 17 blind and deaf still very smart wanted outside to potty it was pitiful he would swell bad i could see his pain but his love was always there i want another small dashhound so bad i loved him so much he wil always be in my heart he was very active and hunter owe yes where anything been in a hole he would dig for dear life took care of the little poodle and yorkie he knew he was number one with me

          3. I’ve had dachshunds since I was 6 years old, so 52 years. I personally have had the smooth and the longhaired but I worked “for” a wirehaired doxie named Beppo. I worked at a dog hotel and he was a regular guest. I adored him but we “understood” each other. Basically Beppo had to have things his way and never pet him unless he okayed it. When he decided he wanted to go back in then you let him go back inside. He liked to roam the halls and see what other guests brought. Their doors would be shut so he couldn’t enter but he remembered who had what and when you opened the door for who ever was staying in that room he would run into it to grab whatever he wanted. Also, he had a regular room that he stayed in and God help you if someone else was booked in that room. You quickly learned the guest in that room, that he deemed was his, had to be moved. I worked there over 4 years and I was the only one he never bit. I really loved that little guy.

          4. Shamefully I do not know the answer to your questions but I gotta say we’ve got a slick haired dapple a long haired black-and-tan and a wire hair piebald dapple And she is the funniest dog I have ever seen and I’m 62 years old so I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years and I can seriously say that she’s my favorite by far.
            My husband and I just crack up laughing at her antics because she is completely different than the other 2. The slick haired dapple is very athletic, the long haired black-and-tan is laid back and lazy, but Molly does not have an off button she goes full throttle everywhere she goes all day long and entertains us from morning until evening!

            If we live long enough to have any others they will definitely be a wire hair! All 3 of our girls bark at anything, everything and nothing!!!! ?? Kay

          5. Hi there, have you thought of getting a poodle Dixie cross, poodles are very hypoallergenic, and dont shed unless brushed, the cross is very cute and sweet natured, mine looks just like a curly Dixie, and little bubbles is my life.⁰

            1. Doxiepoos can be very cute. As with any cross though, you can’t be sure it will have the hypoallergenic nature of a Poodle. The genetics are mixed, sure, but they are usually not 50-50 and you can’t pick and choose which 50% gets retained from the other breed anyway. Not even all poodles are hypoallergenic. It’s definitely a possibility though. And I’m sure Bubbles is adorable. Feel free to share a picture here on our Facebook page ? https://www.facebook.com/YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

          6. Hey Cheri! Where are you buying your home & did you choose your fur-baby yet? I am just so in love with my little girl! She’s just 1 & I’ve only had her 5 months. I’ve only had big dogs my whole life & didn’t think I’d would. Boy was I surprised! LOL

      2. Our dachshund is 10yr old, the only time he barks is when someone rings the doorbell or knocks and he has a specific bark when we’re playing fetch and he can’t get to his toy. He gets very excited when we have guests and when we return from shopping. He’s definitely not a cuddler but he wants his breast bone pattedrather firmly. We Love our Meaty the Needy.

        1. I can relate, our dachshund is about 12 years old and just recently started barking at the doorbell or when he’s getting antsy. All in all he’s a good boy and only cuddles when he wants to be loved.

      3. Barking was definitely a problem for us in the past. We have 4 adorable dachshunds, and we absolutely love each of their distinct personalities. The barking became a thing of the past when we discovered a training tool called Barx Buddy. It emits an ultrasonic chirp combined with verbal praise as soon as the dogs stop. We would never pretend to be experts, however it has been an incredibly easy and effective training tool for us. It is even easier to bond with our little buddies when they aren’t barking at every bird or squirrel that cruises by our windows!

      4. Mine is the same he is lovely dissent leave me, when I go he crys an barks. But I love him, we both work cutmy hrs back so I can calm him down we adopted him at 14 months is now 4 needed done help on his barking, do the collars work

    1. We love our lil Doxie. He is stubborn. I tell my husband all the time he learned it from him lol. But if anybody reads this. My lil guy whines all the time does anybody else have this problem? He is spoiled don’t get me wrong lol. But it’s all time.

        1. Mr wriggles does the same I give him a pigs ear. He want eat it till we come home. Then takes it every where he goes

      1. Our’s whines when I go outside without him or if I am out of his sight. In our home he is closest to me and very protective of me. He is 1/2 Long Haired Dachsund and 1/2 Great Dane having the body of a Dachsund and head shaped like a Great Dane so he has a terrier look. His Mama was obviously lazy…..she was the Great Dane. His Daddy was evidently very proud of his conquest. They had 2 litters of pups “by accident” before they were “fixed”. ?

      2. Mine is 8 months old and he always whines. I call it singing instead of whining so he doesn’t develop a complex ??

    2. Chester, black and tan smooth hair, died 16 April. I had him 14 years and 8 months. Loyal, stibborn and he would rub his head on my lower legs to show affection. He helped me get through my wife’s death. He kept me sane and so thankful my wife had the foresight insisting we adopt my little guy. Love You Nora

      1. My husband made sure i had Rusty before he left earth 5 1/2 yrs ago, as well…he is my little angel…red haired with a partial black mask mini…he still helps me thru this never ending loss….love you forever Buddy…thank you for making sure I had Rusty in my life.

        1. Hi Susan. I’m so very glad you have Rusty too. Losing a loved one is so very hard. My Mom died 25 years ago and it still feels like yesterday 🙁

        2. My husband did the same he wouldn’t let me get rid of this accidental puppy.
          He is all I have and I thank god everyday.
          Renee widow.

    3. My dachshunds is so naughty That’s the best word I have for him. I wish I had a basket full v
      This little dog nickname wing nut keeps me going.
      Carpets are replaceable the love I have for this accidental dog is not.

    4. I had a ducshon for 13 years and the best dog I ever owned. My heart went with my ducshon when he died in May of 2019. I want another one. I have a ducshon lab now and he is amazing. Buddie the ducshon was the smartest dog, he would outsmart me by getting under the fence. I would look for him all over the neighborhood and I came back home to find he crawled under the fence and was waiting on me on the porch.
      We had mice in one house and he killed them in the back yard. It looked like a battlefield and he did not eat them. If anyone can find me another to rescue at my age of 71 I hope to hear from you.
      God Bless Gerald Nelson

  2. Dachsie parents often talk about their “Frito feet” — many Dachshunds have feet with an irresistible corn chip smell, especially when they’re warm from cuddling or napping. Similar to human new-baby smell, Frito feet can make you yearn to adopt more Dachsies. The scent is in-Doxie-cating. 😉

    1. We just got our first dachshund. His name is Caesar. Every morning my husband gets up and yells “hail Caesar” I asked why he sd “because he rules the house!” He tries to guard is. Anyone new to the house he stands right in front of us and let’s them know better not fool with my mom and daddy.

  3. My Dashshund name is Toby and he stole my heart when I first saw him. He is the long hair version and he is a very tough guy. Thanks for this article, I learn a lot more of him.

      1. Hi Jessica
        Thank you for the great website, lots of information and much appreciated.
        I am researching Wirehaired Dachshunds and was wondering if they are considered hypoallergenic? Also, do they bark any less? I currently live in an apartment, but hope to have a home next year.

        1. Hi Cheri. I replied to your initial question. The comments from people who have not commented before, and had their comment approved by me, get held in moderation until I can read them and respond. I’m currently only able to get to those about once a week. Thanks for your patience.

          In case you miss it, here was my response to your initial question: Each Dachshund is different and may bark more or less, although the breed as a whole is generally known for barking more than others. A wire hair does not necessarily bark more or less than any other Dachshund. As far as I know, they are not hypoallergenic. I’ve never personally owned one though and I’ve only met a few through the Dachshund club I run. I’ve heard they can shed less than the smooth or long hair, which can make them more allergy friendly.

        2. Hello I have my little boy WALLFLOWER HE IS MY LIFE N A VERY GOOD LITTLE BOY HE NEVER BARKS ,OH SO VERY SPOILED ONLY WITH ME PRETEND’S TO FEEL LIKE HE IS SICK BUT WITH MY GRANDKIDS N MY HUSBAND IS JUST FINE,iguess I do tent to spoil him a lot ,n he my first winner dog love my little boy WALL FLOWER HE 10yrs old,he has been by my side when I had both of my back surgeries n my knees surgeries . LOTS OF OF LOVE FOR MY LITTLEBOY .THANK YOU GOD FOR WALLEFLOWER

    1. We have a 2 y.o. long-haired Dachshund named Tobias which we shorten to Toby. Like all doxies he’s a natural clown and a real love bug. He’s our 4th – we have been owned by doxies since 1991.

  4. Had to put my 16 year old dachshund down yesterday. His name was Guinness. The best companion I could ask for. He was a hunter and tough. Survived a coyote attack. He will be missed Dearly. Best Breed!

    1. I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to lose one, because they show so much love back to the owner. I rescued a 9 yr old. I lost my Molly a year ago. She was 14. I haven’t been able too let her go.

      1. We’re so sorry for your loss. We lost our mini Tinker almost 3 months ago and we’re still mourning her. She fought multiple myeloma for over a year and taught us about resilience, determination and most of all, love. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing we have done. Yes, we’ll get another mini eventually.

    2. So sorry for your lost. I lost my “Wiener” just over two years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him dearly.

    3. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking. We had to put our Slinky down 2 years ago and we miss her everyday. She was our families alpha and the momma. When we brought our newborn home she was very protective and kept the whole pack in line.
      My sympathy

    4. Makes me cry had to give back my little gifts from Heaven this past fall. Both 16. Said no more. The pain was unbearable. I now own another beautiful rescue named Milo. Another good boy. You just cant say no. Best breed ever.

      1. My heart bleeds for you …. we lost our boy “Dude” on January 29th of this year … He would have turned 15 years old on the 31st …. I can’t begin to explain the hole in my heart and I don’t think I’ve stopped crying yet. It’s just not home without him ….. we lost our female “Daisy” back in April of 2019 ….. it was difficult also but I do believe having Dude after her passing helped us cope with Daisy’s death a little better because we were worried about him mourning her…. I can honestly say loosing them both has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with ever ….. they were like our children and life is not the same with them gone. To express how much I miss them well there are no words! I believe I’ll miss them everyday until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge !!! Dachshunds are the best breed ever. Once a dachshund owns you well you are addicted to them!!! I can’t imagine having any other breed! Dachshunds have a very special way of stealing ones heart with just one look!!! I’ll Miss y’all till I see y’all again my two Doxie Angels!!!!! And you both know I’ll Love You forever and ever ! Y’all will always be in my heart!!!

  5. How can you prevent a dachshund from jumping off of couches? We have steps that do go up to the couch but it is very difficult to catch them before they jump they move very fast. My Heidi had been treated in the past for her neck but exrays show no separation of her disk and she had to be crated for about of month. Need some advice

    1. Hi Sylvia. There are really only three ways to completely prevent jumping off of the couch. 1) don’t allow Heidi on the couch at all (blocked off when not being sat on and not allowed up on it when you are) 2) block the couch off so she can’t get up on it when you are not there. If you want to let her on it when you are, put a harness on her and keep your hands on it at all times so she has to chance of jumping off. 3) What I did was use pet gates to surround the couch so they could still get on and off it when I wasn’t there but only by using the stairs. The dogs are allowed on the couch when we have pulled the gate away and are sitting there but we pay keen attention and lift them off the couch, or guide them to the stairs with our hands, when they want to get off. I understand that neither of the 3 options are ideal but that is what would work. Good luck.

      1. I am a bit extreme, but I just got rid of any furniture that my dachshund was able to jump up on (the couch). I am the only human living in the house, so I don’t have to worry about accommodating anyone else’s preferences, lol. I tried blocking off the couch with empty cardboard boxes when I wasn’t using it, but it just became too much of a hassle. I love the pup soooo much more than I loved the couch, lol.

        1. Same!! 1 of our 3 is the only one who didn’t have back surgery so we have furniture they can’t get on. Except toddler beds for them and a play castle full of blankets.

    2. I really miss my Jewel and can’t find many smooth coat black/tan minis’. “Petfinder.com” doesn’t even have many in Central Texas. I hope to find one soon as we have been looking for a long time. Have you heard of Doxies being support dogs as I went blind in one eye and would love to train a Doxie to guide me on my blind side? I have accidentally “run” into people in the store and multiple occasions. Thanks???

      1. Hi David. I hope you are able to find a new furry friend too. I’ve definitely heard of Dachshunds being emotional support dogs and I feel like one could definitely be a service dog. They are really smart.

      2. Hi David
        Specifically for Central Texas I’d point you to these non-profit organizations, both of which have a solid reputation:
        – Central Texas Dachshund Rescue has several dogs, at all ages and all levels of health and needs. Some lost their homes due to their peoples’ illness or passing. A few need to be placed together as they are bonded pairs.
        – The Dog Alliance in Cedar Park has programs to help you assess and self-train your dog for service.
        All the best –
        In love with our first Doxie “Pretzel”, a 2 yr old Black and Tan Tweenie

  6. We adopted our black and tan girl Chica 4 years ago. She is so sweet, a great mole hunter and caught a rabbit once (poor bunny). She and her pack brother Charlie (coincidentally a black and tan terrier mix) are both very athletic and fun. I would love to adopt more dachsunds, they are the BEST. I wanted one ever since childhood after reading a book about some adventurous doxies!

  7. Dachshunds are prone to get bladder stones. Too much protein causes this. My Doxie is on a strict dry food and wet food. Also gets strict doggie treats. Found this out after she had 16 large stones removed and over 300 mini stones. Surgery was Very very expensive. No food other than what was prescribed. That means NO people food. If you see blood in urine see vet right away. This is my second Weiner dog. First one lived til 27 years old human years. Enjoy your Dachshund. They are wonderful.

    1. Wow… 27 years old? That’s amazing. I think my friend’s Dachshund had bladder stones and has to be on a special diet. She’s the only one I know though so I didn’t know it was common in the breed. Thanks for the info.

      1. Our miniature sausage dog is five years old her name is Coco and I hope she lives as long as your friends dog that is 27 years old

  8. My Dutchhound-Stanley whom I rescued about 5 yeatrs ago. He was left in the cage on the parking lot recently suffers from the broken jaw.He attacted my pit-bull and that what hapenned.Surgery is about 3 0 00.00$ And I don’t have that kind of money.Stanley is a wonderful and very stubborn dog.We love him very much and hope that we will be able to get some help for him.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this Mira. If it were me, I would ask the veterinarian if it’s possible to make payments over time. You can also contact a rescue to see if they can help.

      1. Whoa…..dachshunds are not stubborn, they are simply opinionated. I have had dachsies for over 60 years and once bitten, forever smitten. They are extremely intelligent, also. To end, Delilah (radio diva) once said of her dachshunds.. “ a dachshund has zero interest in pleasing you…..your pleasure is merely a biproduct of their nature.” …..they are the top dog in the universe!

  9. I just adopted a mix from the shelter not knowing what to expect. He looks dach/terrier. Wow! I never expected such a funny, athletic, affectionate dog.

      1. Adopted pablo hehe doxi mix so amazing goofy floppy one year now hes my life so sorry for anyones loss while going thru living with a dying man with liver cancer he knows and its true they really do have feelings wish some people took examples from him a great great friend my best friend ever adopt please

  10. Good luck I have 3 dashounds Bobbygene Frankie and Missy Maymay . I have to laugh about them sitting anyplace else except couch and them taking turns sneaking in my chair when I catch them I think their more tickled than I am. My oldest dashound Elvis died 2 1/2 years ago he was Frankie’s dad. My husband died in 2009 and of course I was still grieving over him but when Elvis died I some how dealt with my husband dying because I still am grieving over Elvis. I always say Elvis was the best boyfriend I ever had he was with me longer than anyone he was 19 when he passed He was largely in charge around this house. BIGGEST SHOW OFF YOU EVER MET.LORDY DO I MISS HIM.

    1. Hi Shannon. I saw your other comment – “I filled them out what else you want” – and I assume that was made because your comment did not appear immediately. Because of the spam/junk/irrelevant comments I often get on my blog, I screen all comments from people who haven’t commented before. You did it all right. Your comment can’t appear until I have time to manually approve it myself though. So now it’s done 🙂

      I’m sorry you for your losses. Having lost a lot of important people in my life too, I know how painful it is and can be even years later. Pets are often like family members to us to the grieving can be the same.

      Thanks for sharing about your current Dachshunds. They sound very comical and fun.

    2. Bless you. One day Almighty God will fill our hearts in ways we can’t even imagine with his wonderful creations.

  11. I had to let my Spotty cross the rainbow bridge just last Monday. He had developed diabetes and then suffered complications due to the diabetes. I had had him from 5 weeks and he was 11 years old. My heart broke as I held him and still cry terribly. He was my best friend and was such a funny character!! I love and miss him terribly and I have another one.

  12. Hello great stories and education on doxies I have Jake he is a mix of begala and Dixie I rescued him from an empty house 13 yrs ago he was 3 then do he is now 16 yrs old I have had others dogs through my life and loved them.all bu TV Jake has a special place in my heart he has been nothing but pure joy! He even opens up his own Christmas gifts .he had a cancer surgery 3 yrs ago and still with us he takes doggy chemo every other day and is doing great just a bit slower than in his younger years I think everyone who loves animals should have one

  13. About three years back I lost my best friend, a street dog we rescued from Puerto Rico 15 years earlier. After a sad dog-less year I was introduced to a beautiful five year old long-haired mini-doxi who had just lost his owner. Wow, what a character, he just stole my heart. Now it seems everyone I run into who has ever had a dochshund just lights up and regales me with fond memories of their own little weiner-pals. What a wonderful breed!

    1. Indeed people do! Dachshunds are a very lovable and memorable breed so I also get a lot of people coming up to me to say hi to mine and reminiscing about one they had, their friend had, or a family member had 🙂

      1. We are always late to school walking ours because everyone in enchanted. As stubborn as they are ours have adjusted to kids remarkable well. They were already over 10 when we blended our family and had been known to nip. Duff in particular if you came into the house and didn’t say hello to him. They took right to my kiddos and are so protective especially of our youngest, since day one. We make quite the spectacle walking down the street with 4-8 kids and the 2 doxies!

  14. My adopted dachshund mix (rescued from the Humane Society) is so precious to me. He is attached to me at the hip. He is 10 years old now when I adopted him he was 10 months. It’s funny because I did not even like small dogs before I saw and fell in love with Shadow. Like you said I did not particularly like the breed before. Now I am crazy about them!

    1. My dachshund bella is also attached at hip..I call her my velcro. She is my first Doxie and I am absolutely in love with her! Cant imagine life without my loyal funny girl?

  15. People who are dachshund lovers will do anything for their dogs . We just came from Charlotte NC where our 17 year old dachshund had $2000 worth of preventive dental surgery by one of the top veterinary dental surgeons in the area .
    My husband loves that little dog !
    He picked her out at the shelter .
    She has been an absolute pleasure to own .

  16. Hi my name is Julie & I have a mini doxie & he is my dog, his name is Cheyenne his color is black & tan longhair. My boyfriend & I found out months ago that he has a hernia under his tail. The vet says it will be between $400 & $500, but he eating, going to the bathroom & has energy, he is also 10 yrs old, should I do the surgery or not?

    1. Hi Julie. It’s my belief that a veterinarian has your pet’s health in mind so if they recommend surgery it’s necessary. However, have there been cases where surgery was not performed and the pet went on to live a happy, healthy life? Yes. Have there been cases where surgery was not performed and the issue got worse. Yes. Often. Also keep in mind that dogs are really good at hiding pain. My advice is talk to your vet more about your financial situation and ask if there are any alternatives to surgery. If not, you will need to decide what to do based on the chance Cheyenne would be ok without it.

    2. I had a long haired dachshund named Boots. He was truly all these things above. Unfortunately, I left for a the weekend and my husband was watching him. Sadly my husband hit him with his car as he was coming in the garage. He was only 9 years old and had a lot life in him. I miss him dearly

      1. I’m so sorry Kay. Obviously, it was an accident but that doesn’t make losing a beloved pet any less painful.

  17. My Casey is 17 1/2 . I adopted him when he was 11. He’s long hair red fringed in black. He’s the love of my life. Some health issues. Funny, clever, protective, and loyal. I can’t imagine my life without him.

  18. Our Kendall lived to be 19 yrs. She was a rescue. She was trained to be an mazing service canine for my wife. I did not take long for Kendall to train me too! Actually effective in calming certain personalities. She traveled extensively in USA with us with no problems. We added a liver enzyme to her diet around 8 years of age. A multi that had liver enzyme(s). Although we cannot profess that this is what extended Kendall’ lifespan. However, at a ripe ole age of 19 . . . whose to say. Oh, she ate what we ate along with her dry food. Amazing breed (Red or tan 11 lbs.). Kendall sustained an injury when she bolted from a thunder storm while we were all out in the acreage. The vet said no internal injuries or broken bones and says she was struck by a vehicle-most likely. She walked crooked and barely could stand. I nursed her near the heater (brought water to her; wouldn’t eat for 3-4 days). Forced her to walk (whined a bit); utilized a gravity ‘traction’ by holding her up underneath her front shoulders for 5 seconds (once per day; 3 days); then 10 seconds for another 3 days – increasing in five second intervals for three weeks. Kendall was walking straight by the end of three weeks. It wasn’t long before she was chasing birds, squirrels, etc. One would not have known she was injured. NOTE: she never did have disc problems or any sign of back disablements. Kendall ended up having another happy and healthy 17 years. She was family. Our community love her too.

  19. Do you know if the bad breath my 10 year old Bella is normal in Dachshunds? What can I do to fix it? I feel bad for her. I have never loved a dog like a human until her. Please advise. Thanks for the info. Interesting. So glad to hear they live longer.

    1. Hi Shelton. Yes, in my experience, bad breath is common in Dachshunds. To a certain extent, it’s just something about your dog you just learn to love. However, sometimes it can signal gum disease so I would make sure to have her teeth checked at a vet. If the vet doesn’t find anything, you can use a water additive like the one from Tropiclean to try and make her breath smell less. Brushing her teeth may also help. Good luck.

  20. Hi, I have 14 year old Mollie, such a funny girl, she’s now developing Dementia, sits on couch or in the hall and stares, breaks my heart, I just want to cuddle her, but she doesn’t like to be cuddled. Is dementia common in doxies❤️❤️??

    1. Hi Connie. My Chester had dementia too. It’s so heartbreaking. As far as I know, it’s not more common in Dachshunds than other breeds. If you’re not already, you might want to consider joining the Facebook group Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) Support Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanineCognitiveDysfunction/). Sometimes it’s sad to see what other’s dogs are going through but it really helped me know I’m not alone and it was a great place to find answers to my questions.

  21. They are very curious critters. I have owned maybe 12 or 15 since 1963. My wife and I were at a dinner ice show in Garmish Germany and met a German couple that could not speak English. We too could not speak German. We somehow managed to commute after several drinks. Anyway they insisted that we go to their home after our party. They had a litter of dashaunds and gave us one. Very nice people, although we have never seen or heard from them since. We lived in Pisa Italy at that time. Of course, we fell in love with the little fellow. Have not been without one since. And have lost some to various reasons. One got in a bee hive. Lost one when I moved to Florida in 1974. A rattlesnake got him. One had a collision with a truck. It really hurt us to lose each and every one of them. Of course we lost some due to old age. I’m old man now, but I will keep one for the rest of my life.

  22. I loved reading all the posts and your replys/comments..i had Catahoulas (La. State Dog) growing up..then my lovely Weimaraners (3) had acreage for them to run..my daughters road them like ponies when they were young..then 3 Schnauzers..and finally my Doxies (4) rescues..much smaller yard..nothing more loyal, loving, best bed partners ever..all rescues..have lost 2 of my Cajun “kids”.. . Andouille (Dewey), Boudin (Bou), but Dixie ( Dixie beer) & Prof. Long Hair (Hairy) are still going strong..on the hunt for another one, or two..reds, black & tan and black dapple long hair so far…maybe amother surprise is in our future.

    1. I love Catahoulas. If I was to get a big dog, they are definitely one I would consider. I fell in love with them about 15 years ago when I visited LA with a friend and met some puppies. Dachshunds will always be first in my heart though 🙂

  23. My sweet boy duke had say good bye too Friday April 5 he was 12 yrs had a mass in stomach fluid in lungs but he was the best ready play ball go far walks snuggle up I miss him so much there a awesome breed.


  25. I said i would never own one and 9 yrs ago i recieved my first one at 5 weeks old shes the love of our life and the boss around here owning one you do need patience the first couple of years one thing we learn the females are prone to uti infections and because of it our Lucy developed stones a lot of them because she showed no signs it hit fast 12,000 dollars later she good on special food the rest of her life and lots of test but we love her soo much and i said i would never own one lol ….i would love another one some day

    1. Dachshunds will certainly steal your heart. I was barely aware of the breed when I inherited one. Now I’m not sure I could own another breed 🙂

    2. I rescued MJ (short for Mary Jane) from the pound. She never fails to put a smile on my face. She is so funny all day long. Sad to say she suffers from UTI’s repeatedly. I am going to try probiotics. Im trying to find something that will help keep it in check. Any information would be very much appreciated. She is a long haired dapple. And such a sweetheart. I cannot own more then one dog. She is very protective and attacks anything that comes to close. Bummer, I would love to have another one.

  26. I have 2 doxie same mom and dad but from different litters and it is amazing how different they are personally my black and tan Lucy is very clingy and needs to be wherever we are and loves her toys, she probably would have made a good mommy but I wouldn’t have been able to sell any of them. Then we have Sadie our red one who is very quiet and will be every content just watching her sister play with her toys then she will steal them and tease her with them, then they start running around the house racing, but they are inseparable I will never have any other dog but a doxie and believe me the melt your heart forever

    1. It is neat to see the differences. My first Dachshund, Chester, was so bold and friendly to people. Gretel is anxious and fearful but loves her Mommy. Chester could have taken me or left me. It’s been neat to watch my new puppy, Summit, and see the similarities and differences to Chester and Gretel.

  27. Fanatstic ,i didnt know they where Hunting dogs originally but i keep cavaliers the quietest dogs ever and they where used for small birds at one stage ,mine still go loopy over birds in this generation,Also what beautiful Markings im over in the Uk and the mottled colouration is more unusual here its beautiful

  28. I am really impressed by the receptive command of English my Cleopatra has…..
    As a first time dachshund owner, i am now a forever doxie mom. We swear she even speaks, saying ow when she needs to go out. They can differentiate among toys in an amazing way…fish stick, stick, new stick, yak, bone, and so on. Enjoy every minute.

  29. They can be spiteful, if Sheppy Lee (our 5lb mini) was scolded then you might receive a special gift in front of your bedroom door and Sheppy Lee would be nowhere to be found. Bless her little heart.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard many Dachshund owners claim that their dogs are spiteful. It sure seems that way sometimes. A dog behaviorist would chalk it up to something less intentional like anxiety and/or fearing being punished again for messing in the house.

  30. My 9 yr Old doxy Winston, lost his “rock” & best friend doxy Studley, 2 months ago to Cushing. He is mourning deeply. Studley was 14 and we rescued Winston at 8 months old, so he was strongly bonded.It breakers our hearts to watch. We are considering adopting another doxy, but we’ are in our 70s and don’t want to worry about a dog outliving us. I personally have never had only 1 doxy & I feel as lost as Winston. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Dallas. I’m very sorry for your loss. Have you considered adopting an older Dachshund, or small dog, from a rescue to help keep Winston company? You could consider going that route or read up on helping a pet through the grief process (there is a lot of information on the internet) to help him cope with being alone. Good luck to you guys.

  31. I came to learn 2.5 yrs ago from our neurologist that ALL dachshunds start to herniated their discs to some degree starting at 6 months of age. It just depends to what extent the herniation is. Not letting your pup jump off furniture and using ramps are definitely a wise choice for a dachshund parent. They’re necks and backs can be so fragile for such a tough little dog! By far, one of the best breeds out there.

    1. That’s does not sound true from what I have learned from my years of extensive research into the issue. Yes, a dog’s back will age along with them and a disk may or may not herniate at an older age. But at 6 months? I would need scientific evidence (a research paper I can read myself) to believe that at all. Did this neurologist provide you any backup information to support this claim? I’m wondering if it was a scare tactic to get you to be careful with your Dachshund jumping.

      I agree they are one of the best breeds out there though, despite their propensity for back issues 🙂

      1. He didn’t give me any supporting info, however; I don’t believe it was a scare tactic. I truly believe he was just trying to educate me about the breed. He called and emailed me quite often during Schnitzel’s 3 day stay at the hospital and afterward while he was recouping at home. My guy was already 12 yrs old at the time and wound up in the emergency vet hospital in NYC, where I live. He was somewhat paralyzed and couldn’t move his head, neck or body. After a 3 day stay and an ultrasound, bloodwork and an MRI, he and I spoke about surgery vs. crate rest with meds. Surgery was probably not the best option due to the fact that they would have had to go through his chest, move his lungs and heart to get to this specific disc in his neck. He felt the surgery was too risky. This DVM was interning and finishing up his residency, however, he was the most compassionate, kind, educative vet I had ever been to other than my regular vet that I would have normally traveled to over 2 hours away. (She’s been our vet since 1999), we had recently replanted ourselves in NYC and she actually suggested I go to Animal Medical Center in NYC. It is a 100+ yr old hospital with every specialty imaginable and actually pretty well known. It would not surprise me if slight herniations started to appear in a dogs this young depending on how much jumping they do and risks they take with owners who don’t know a lot about the breed. I can definitely admit to not knowing enough about the breed when we rescued our 2 doxies. There is a lot to learn about them. And on top of the IVDD, Schnitzel developed Cushings Disease right along with the IVDD, almost simultaneously; however, the doc felt we needed to treat the acute problem 1st and then work on the Cushings. And what a ride that was for the last 2 1/2 yrs! He just passed May 22nd. Vena is still going strong at 14 yrs 4 mos. They were 6 months apart. Schnitzel was my older pup.

        1. Ahhh… I think I see what the vet was getting at. I definitely agree that, like people, all dog’s joints and bones age, which usually means they don’t work as well as they did when they were young and can “rupture” (herniate) or “pinch”. I still don’t believe that all dogs have herniated disks but that’s just the opinion of someone who has been researching this breed, and their health issues, for over 10 years. I’m not a veterinarian with direct experience.

          I’m sorry for your ultimate loss but it sounds like you took the best care of him and gave him the best life! He knew he was loved dearly.

  32. We put Bo to sleep yesterday after 15 years of love and companionship. He had a large cancerous tumor and was in pain. He has left a hole in my heart, but gave me 15 years of joy. When he was in bed with me he would put his front paws on my chest and press his cheek against mine. Bo was red with beautiful blue eyes.

  33. Hi, what a great site, will be signing up. I’ve had these lovely little dogs (the best) most of my adult life. I have an adorable little girl right now (Fifi – 4 years old) who, has a slightly different coat which is quite common here in Spain. They are short wired with a ‘punk’ moheekan crest that runs from their head to the base of their tail. At its longest/tallest it’s a good 3 inches compared to the 1 inch everywhere else. Maybe I’ll post some pics when I get the time. Oh, and none of my dogs have ever been barker’s, thankfully – though Fifi speaks (grumbles) at me to say hello. I guess I’ve been very lucky!
    Adrian + Fifi

    1. I think I’ve seen a couple wire haired Dachshunds here with that mowhawk but you’re right that they are not common in the US. In fact, wire haired Dachshunds aren’t very common in general. They are super cute though. I’d love to see a picture when you get the chance. You can post it to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

  34. In Sweden dachshunds are widely used for hunting roe deers. They are prefered because they are slow, thus not stressig the animal. Because of that the roe deer doesn’t run far away and is instead driven in a circle back to the hunter.

  35. I just lost my weenie after 18 years. He was my best friend. I knew it was time when he stopped accompanying me to the bathroom and waiting at the door for me. He was insanely jealous at times. I brought him with me years back to look at puppies with a friend. My friend decided to take a puppy home and I held the puppy while my friend drove home. My dog wouldn’t even look at me after that. It took him a whole two days forgive me for holding a puppy!

  36. I Had S Daschund that was 26 Years old when he passed away I had him sence he was 8 months old n he was My Big Protector if he didn’t like anyone he would bite them if they tried to pet Him . HE was the leader of the Pack

  37. I just got my Dazhund exactly 1 year as of Christmas day. My present. I love her to death. Nowhowmuch should she weigh? I am worried, she weighs 18 pounds. Is that too much a d what kind of diet should Iput her on.

    1. Hi Sandra. A lot goes into how much a Dachshund should weight. It’s best to go by “body condition”, rather than a set universal weight, since each dog is different. This article explains about body condition and how to know they are the proper weight: https://youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/what-should-my-dachshund-weigh/. As for food, again, each dog (and owner) is different. There are a lot of good foods out there so there is no one food I recommend. You can read about what I feed mine here though: https://youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/what-i-feed-my-active-dachshunds-to-help-keep-them-healthy/

  38. Wow! You have forgotten more things owners should know when looking for Doxies. I thought this was gonna be a good article to read…oh well, maybe next time

  39. I have two male doxies. They are my babies. My oldest is 11 years old and I have one that is 5 years old. I am about to add a new addition to the family in maybe late April. I love this breed of dogs. They are very loyal and protective. Silly, beautiful, and oh so much fun. I am going for a dapple this time. I have a red, and a black and tan now.

  40. i just lost my long hair yesterday his heart just stop he was my first dachshund he change mine and my wife life forever so loyal, brave like a big dog i dont think he knew he was only 17 pounds i dont know if all dachshund are as smart he was so serious at times and so playful and fun to watch, his investigation techniques so methodical.i once saw him kill a rat in our back yard he was like a mongoose he instincts were so true im going to miss him our hearts are broken rip.Duke Princeton Galaviz

  41. Thanks for the interesting facts about dachshunds. Dachshunds are very smart dogs! In addition, they are one of the most ancient dog breeds, there are even dachshunds on the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian pyramids!

  42. We just got our very first Dixie. His name is huckleberry Finn (we got him in the town Samuel Clemons is from) and he is 9 weeks. I have never in my life encounter a dog with so much spunk and attitude. We are about to start working with a a trainer to help us. He keeps biting so now he is referred to as the huckabeast lol any tricks to make him stop biting until we see the trainer?

    1. Hi Alicia. First, congratulations on your new addition. It brings me joy to hear you are consulting with a trainer to make sure Huckeberry has a great in regard to learing to live with your family harmoneously. I do have an article about puppy biting on my other Dachshund blog (yes, I have two – the other one is less personal and more informational). You can read that article here: https://formydachshund.com/how-to-get-your-dachshund-puppy-to-stop-nipping-and-biting/

  43. I have two dachshunds and oh my goodness I’ll never go back to another breed! My babies are such lovers, and so caring. If I sneeze they both come up to me to make sure I’m okay. They LOVE to run in the yard chasing tennis balls and love to go on walks. I have to long haired so that does take maintenance to keep up with it. So worth it, they’re my fur babies! Don’t walk, RUN to get your new dachshund baby!

  44. I just found this Web Page today. We had to put our Dachshund named Chaucer down yesterday ( Sunday 08-14-22) after he collapsed on a short walk. I did not know they were so prone to heart disease which we found out after rushing to the Emergency, that’s what he had. The meds did not work and he went downhill very fast and in 24 hours he was gone. He was gasping for breath and even his body mass was shrinking before out eyes. He was 13 we thinks as he was a rescue and we loved him beyond measure. We always will. He was a cartoon character and the light of the home. Now with him gone it feels like a worthless shell. We will get another weenie someday but probably not soon. I just found this page while just looking around for something to feel better. He was one of a kind with ears that could fly. It does make me sad that their hearts can give out so fast like that.

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